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Mike Huckabee is My Hero

It's unfortunate but I think that in order to be elected president of our country in this time period, one has to compromise too much to allow for anyone who takes a strong stand (especially a controversial one like the message of the Gospel) to win.

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Christmas Cousins

Luke 2:13 a multitude of angels appear and say or sing Hallelujah! Glory to God in the highest. Luke 1:68 - six months earlier, Zacharias sings poem/ chant, while holding his new son, John. Luke 1:76 - you will be the prophet most high, to proclaim and prepare the way...

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What Christ Did for Us on the First Christmas

Philippians 2:6 This was the greatest demonstration of unconditional love ever Colossians 1 - creation Jesus is God - John 1:1 Philippians 2:6 - Jesus gave up some privileges of Godhood to come to earth to be born humble conditions to live a difficult life and die for...

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First Time Parents

Luke 1:31 Mary is told by Gabriel that she will bear a son, he will be named Jesus, he will be great, the son of God. He will rule over Israel and all the earth. Much like Zechariah, she was uncertain at this news, but Mary was not lacking in faith, like Zechariah...

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Looking in the Face of an Angel

Luke 1:13 Zacharias is performing priestly duty in the temple, burning Frankincense when Gabriel appears to him. Daniel describes Gabriel as wearing a linen robe, as a high priest would, wearing a belt of gold, with a face like lightning, his eyes like red coals, arms...

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3 Kings (Magi)

Matthew 2:1 The present day America Christmas Culture, with 25 days of shopping on the TV, and full parking lots at stores, and movies of red-nosed reindeers,  is very much lacking the message of Jesus's birth. Who were the Magi? Wise men, astrologers, probably not...

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“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”

— C. S. Lewis

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