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A Thanksgiving Proclamation

‘It is meet and right to recognize and confess the presence of the Almighty Father, and the power of His hand, equally in these triumphs and sorrows…I invite the people of the United States to assemble….and render the homage [giving of thanks] due the Divine Majesty for the wonderful things He has done in the nations behalf… and finally to lead the whole nation, through the paths of repentance and submission to the Divine will, back to the enjoyment of union and fraternal peace.”
Abraham Lincoln

The Gospel Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The Gospel Like You’ve Never Seen Before


God’s Chisel Remastered

A convicting video on how we ought to think of how we should allow God to form us unto the person He wants us to be…even if it hurts.



About to read Tony Dungy’s book “Uncommon.”


About Time for a New Website

Okay, so I haven’t touched my website pretty much since I stopped teaching, so it was time to update. My goals with the new website is to be a one-stop place for my info, photos, tweets and a new blog. So stay tuned!