Esther 9:17 – 10

1) The providence of God reflects his grace. A commoner could become a queen. We, fallen sons and daughters are born again by the grace of God (adopted by Him through Christ.)

2) All humanity is under an edict of death. Just like the on Haman sentenced the Jews to. Not because of something they did but who they are.

3) Edict of life – Esther fasted and prayed for 3 days, like Jonah in the whale, or like Jesus in the tomb. Esther’s actions save the Jews, just as Christ’s actions saves us all. The Gospel redeems life – it reverses edicts. Rom 6:23

4) Esther 9:26 – Jewish Holiday Purim made to remember this saving of the Jews.

After this, Esther 10:1, King Xerxes returns back to business. No conversion to Esther’s God. He’s assassinated a year later in his bed, brining his son to the throne, who experiences a similar situation, but this time with Nehemiah. He gives permission for Nehemiah to rebuild Jerusalem, at the expense of the King.