Luke 2:13 a multitude of angels appear and say or sing Hallelujah! Glory to God in the highest.

Luke 1:68 – six months earlier, Zacharias sings poem/ chant, while holding his new son, John.

Luke 1:76 – you will be the prophet most high, to proclaim and prepare the way for the messiah. This is same concept as in those times cities would build a road for kings when they visit, as roads were not very good and carts would get stuck in the mud.

John announces what Malachi had foretold 400 years earlier.

John 1:10 – Jesus will come, but he will not be recognized. Ultimately he was crucified by the ones who he came to save, these same men who did not recognize him and also rejected his forerunner, John.

John 1:11 Р Most people did not receive him, despite prophesies that detailed how the messiah would come.

John 1:12 – Some did receive Him and became children of God.