During the rule of Aurelious, it was illegal to be a Christian. During this time, Sanctus was under trial and during the questioning, his captors tried to determine from his faith…Sanctus only response was “I am a Christian.” Even as he was sentenced to be killed by wild animals.

What does it mean to be a Christian? Many people call them selves Christian, but do not follow Christ, or study the Bible. There is a lot of confusion in our culture as what it means to be a “good Christian.” Theology is constantly debated even within the church. Values of the world are starting to invade the church and change what it means to be a Christian.

You can believe anything you want and feel pretty confident that you are right….until you open the Bible. Examining the scriptures is key to understanding God. Without that, our own imaginations will never lead to truth. Truth is absolute. Just because someone believes that the way to heaven is by feeding the hungry or bowling the perct game, that is not true unless God has made it so. And the way to know what God says is true is in the Bible.

Paul means “small.” He is an old man, with much experience as an apostle when he writes to Titus. Titus was on the island of Crete, which was known for the dishonesty of its inhabitants.

Titus 1:1 – Paul calls himself a bond servant (“Dulas” or slave) of God. He was owned by God…with no rights of his own. This is a far cry to how most people in our day would define what it means to be a Christian. We tend to make church and our faith about US more than about God, which is idolatry. But was have been purchased at a great price (the crucifixion of Gods own son) out of slavery to sin, and into slavery to God.

In our country we stand on the thought of liberty. But liberty does not mean doing whatever you want….it is doing what you ought to do. That is the liberty produced when you become a slave of God.